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group of flying northern gannets

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Welcome to Raymond Loyal Nature Photography. The general subject of this site is nature photography in many varieties. My main subject is bird photography but you will also find mammals and plants as well. My landscape photography shows interesting places in Europe. In the blog section I am publishing articles on conservation, pollution, ethology and all things related to nature.

nature photography alpine marmot in green grass articles on conservation, environment places in europe nature blog
Nature Photography: Marmot

Bird Photography

Bird photography is special to me because since my teenage years I am interested in birds and ornithology. This subject is combined with articles on birds, bird facts and of course images on the subjects.

You will find images of seabirds, the noisy but lovely gannets, waders and shorebirds, songbirds and waterfowl.

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  • alpine marmot

Landscape Photography

My nature and landscape photography shows a wide variety of different topics. My landscape photography is about our countryside. In this section I am showing you natrual areas in Europe where few people live and nature can blossom. On my travels through Europe I am capturing interesting places and publish the images in this site. I hope you will find pleasure and joy in looking at the images.

moserboden reservoire in austrian alps landscape scenery
Moserboden Reservoire in the Austrian Alps

Plants and Flowers

In Plants and Flowers you will find European flora I photographed. These are mostly flowers I found along the path.

alpine edelweiss flower
Alpine Edelweiss

Essential Reading on Bird Facts – Species Accounts

Ornithology or birdwatching is a wide field of interest. Either one does birdwatching only or engages also in environmental issues and in scientific topics regarding birds in our nature and environment. Not only is there plenty to see and watch but also there is a huge amount of knowledge available that both helps birdwatching and personal participation in working groups. As a bird photographer it helps tremendously to shoot birds in their environment thereby documenting their doings and daily life. The section Bird Facts of my pages is there to help readers learn something and also invite readers to get in touch over certain aspects in ornithology.

Chaffinch feeding on seeds

Basics on the Ducks of the Northern Hemisphere

Basics on the Ducks of the Northern Hemisphere introduces to this large group of waterfowl. Ducks are somehow widespread and one might think easily to find and watch. But there are also some of them that live a more clandestine life and are shy what makes them hard to find and watch. Let alone capture some decent photos.

male mallard
Male Mallard

Wild Gees – Gregarious Birds and Clever Waterfowl

Wild Geese – gregarious birds and clover waterfowl introduces the inclined reader to the world of geese. These birds are extremely wary and the better guard dogs. Find essential information on geese and their taxonomy.

greylag goose in shallow water
Greylag Goose in shallow water

Vultures of the World

Vultures of the World introduces to the vulture species of the Old World and to the New-World-Vultures of the Americas. Find interesting facts and images.

bearded vulture
Bearded Vulture


Bird Facts on Seabirds introduces the inclined reader to a huge group of bird that covering Gannets, Shearwaters, Skuas, Gulls, Terns and the Auks of the North Atlantic. Find interesting facts and image material.

flying northern gannet
Flying Northern Gannet

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