Hello and welcome to my gallery on falconry.

Falconry is not just sort of a hobby. It is much more. This is all about passion, working with birds of prey. Besides the hunting part, it is about breeding and releasing young birds of prey into the wilderness.

The European Vulture Protection and Conservation Programme would not have worked without passionate people doing their bit to breed and release the young birds into wilderness.

The Bearded Vulture conservation programme was able to release 227 young vultures into wilderness since 1986. People have been taken efforts for over 30 years to bring back species that nearly became extinct. It is the same story with the Peregrine Falcon that returned to natural habitats because it were falconers who bred and release young Peregrines into wilderness.

First flight training for a King Vulture
Griffon Vulture
Work with Bald Eagle
Impressions and images on falconry in Europe.
Balld Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle Flying low over ground
Bald Eagle with Falconer

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