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My name is Raymond Loyal, I live in Germany. I have had a keen interest in birds and ornithology from a young age. Years later I found my main interest in Birds of Prey and managed to acquire in-depth knowledge. Also from an early age I found my love to photography and since 2003 I am working with digital photography. However, I came rather late to bird photography, which was owed to a visit the German Island of Heligoland, where I had my first encounter with the Northern Gannet. Meeting with these birds was love upon first sight. From then I began bird photography. Today I also do photography work in falconry which is another of my interests.

This site is about bird photography in general. I am showing images from falconry, birds of prey, vultures, seabirds to name but a few topics. On this site I am going to publish blog articles on topics of ornithology, conservation and nature in general. So you will find images of mammals as well.

You are welcome to write to me on interesting topics.

I am member of Ornithological Study Group Heligoland (OAG Helgoland), Nordrhein-Westfälische Ornithologengesesllschaft e.V., NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) and Deutscher Falkenorden (German Falconry Association).

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