Awsome Kinderdijk – Stunning Place with 19 Windmills

Kinderdijk is one of the most enchanting places in the whole of the Netherlands. The village is closely situated to Dorderecht and the big city of Rottrdam. It is not about the village itself. No, it is about the windmills which attract our interest.

These windmills were constructed in the 18th century. The purpose of the windmills was to pump water off the dyked areas to enable agriculture and farming. In order to do this, the windmills pumped the water into the Nieuwe Watershap Canal. From there the water was transported futher down to the river Lek. Kinderdijk is situated in the middle of the Rhine/Waal/Lek delta at Rotterdam.

kinderdijk windmills
Kinderdijk Windmills

Unesco Heritage Site

Since 1997 this beautiful and awsome place has been accepted to the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The enchanting windmills of Kinderdijk project the typical image of the Netherlands. And indeed our idea of Holland is about windmills, canals, water and agriculture.

kinderdijk windmill photo
Kinderdijk Windmills in mid-summer

Visitors, Millers and Guided Tours

Nowadays the windmills no longer doing their original work. water. The windmills are privately owned and their owners mostly are graduated as millers. However everyone does have a proper day job. Running the millers trade is more a pastime and side job. Nevertheless, many of these mills are open to visitors and a guided tours are also available. So, wherever you live on our planet, Kinderdijk is certainly a destination one should visit when travelling Europe and the Netherlands.

kinderdijk windmill photo
Kinderdijk Windmills

Best Time to Visit

Even though Kinderdijk is closely connected to industrial areas the entire area does show any sign of a busy industrial heartland. Walking through the area gives everyone the feeling of tranquility.

kinderdijk windmill photo
Kinderdijk Windmill

I must admit, don’t go there on weekends, because then the place is overcrowded. Just go there during weekdays or late in the evening. These are times when the place is fairly empty and silent.

Nature around the Windmills

The windmills of Kinderdijk are a tranquil, natural environment. Anyone wanting to visit a large natural environment should go there. The entire area is a huge freswater tidal area. Adjacent to Kinderdijk is the National Park De Biesbosch, also worthwhile a visit. Also, the area is connected to industrial sites you are far away from urban life and trouble. When going beyond the windmills then there is ample opportunity to watch birds.

kinderdijk windmills
KInderdijk Windmills

How to get to Kinderdijk?

How to get to Kinderdijk? When already travelling in the Netherlands the place can easily be reached from the cities of Dordrecht and Rotterdam. It is even signposted on the Motorway. One can also travel to Kinderdijk directly from the Amtsterdam Schiphol Airport. From Dordrecht visitors can embark on a boats tour with the Waterbus which also reaches Kinderdijk.

Additional Information

For additonal information I would like to refer you to my travel blog on Holland on Loyal Photography.

Kinderdijk Windmills

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