Gemmi Pass – Meeting Crow and Raven in the mountains

When being out and about in the Alpine region one will most probably have an encounter with crow and raven, especially with Red-billed Chough and Alpine Choughs. Ravens mostly keep their distance to us humans, whereas Red-billed Choughs and Alpine Choughs are anything but shy. We went to the Swiss Gemmi Pass and met with … Read more

Gemmi Pass – Astonishing Wild and mountainous nature

The Swiss Alps were beckoning and at least we wanted to see some vultures there before the winter setting in. We chose the Gemmi Pass in the Swiss Canton of Valais, because this spot has quite a reputation as vulture country. Gemmi Pass was a completely new destination to us and we had no idea … Read more

Awsome Kinderdijk – Stunning Place with 19 Windmills

Kinderdijk is home to 19 enchanting windmills and UNESCO world heritage site since 1997. A must-see for any traveller to Europe. Always worthwile a visit.

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