Bearded Vulture – Meeting the Lammergeier at Gemmi Pass

We followed the Bearded Vulture and went to Gemmi Pass in the Swiss Alps. Although late in the year, we were quite lucky to have some eventfull days with plenty of sightings of these beautiful birds.

Gemmi Pass – Astonishing Wild and mountainous nature

The Swiss Alps were beckoning and at least we wanted to see some vultures there before the winter setting in. We chose the Gemmi Pass in the Swiss Canton of Valais, because this spot has quite a reputation as vulture country. Gemmi Pass was a completely new destination to us and we had no idea … Read more

Griffon Vulture – A Remarkable Return from near Extinction

The Griffon Vulture is one of the four European vulture species and also one of the largest raptores worldwide. Read more on bird facts, conservation and breeding.

Vulture Life – About Feeding and Quality Time

The circle of life with regard to vultures. Or in other words as seen from vulture perspectivs. The basic things in vulture life. You might ask yourself what that might be? Is it about feeding and doing nothing? From human perspective, only few people know anything about vultures at all. Most vultures are quite large … Read more

Vulture Life – Inter-species behaviour

Vulture behaviour. Some thoughts about Rüppell’s Vultures and Griffon Vultures interacting with each other. Pecking order and about ranks in animal groups. Includes video material.

Vultur Life – About Vulture Behaviour II – Ethology

Among Vulture describes intraspecific behaviour between Rüppell’s Vulture and Griffon Vulture and also their engangement with humans. Essential Reads.

Vulture Life – Observations on their Behaviour

Article on vulture calls and behaviour. How do vultures interact with humans? Find out.

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